Linkers go to Broadway!

Ten Link Upper House students were treated to a performance of the award winning musical  Hamilton, on Broadway, by a very generous donor to the school – one of Link Education Partners Trustees – who wished to provide this amazing opportunity for our students.  Students were accompanied by the trustee and his wife, as well as the two Upper House history teachers.

Students were chosen for this wonderful event through an essay contest. They could select from the following prompts: (1) If Hamilton and Jefferson were running for office today, who would you vote for? (2) Who do you see in your community addressing a need? and (3) Is there a story, like the one Lin-Manuel Miranda took from the book Hamilton by Ron Chernow and put a new twist on, that you would re-tell with a similar “twist?” The competition was tough – the essays were terrific, and the ten selected were very deserving!

The students thoroughly enjoyed the musical, and were very excited afterward to have the chance to meet the cast and get their Playbills autographed! Ms. Harrison, who accompanied the students, remarked, “Students had a live action perspective of a time in history that they studied in 7th grade and a wonderful opportunity to meet a donor who clearly cares about their education, as evidenced by his generous gift to them.”

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