The Island School, Cape Eleuthera, The Bahamas

Each year, Link Community School selects 10 students to attend a one-week expedition to The Island School, in Cape Eleuthera, The Bahamas, during the summer session. Students engage in expeditionary learning…

including snorkeling, SCUBA and sea kayaking. These activities present many fun and often challenging experiences that give students a new awareness of their overall potential, their capacity for leadership, and their interrelationship with one another and their environment.

Students also learn much about their host country while attending lectures on Geography, Geology and Island Formation; Tides, Currents and Moon Phases; Tourism and Development; Status of Conch and Nassau Grouper; as well as exploring island communities and the local environment. Furthermore students live in The Island School’s sustainable environment, which includes wind and solar systems, waste water gardens, water catchment systems, biodiesel production, and soil production–truly a “green campus.” In so doing, students gain a greater appreciation for the resources and conveniences available to them at home and an understanding for issues regarding sustainability.

Link shares The Island School’s vision “to be a community that fosters the development of responsible, caring, global citizens” and believes that by exposing students to such a powerful experience as The Island School, we will complement Link’s own mission and thus provide for our young people an experience that will deeply affect and nurture their growth and development as citizens and future leaders of our planet.

Link Community School is especially grateful to our donors for making this expedition possible, Thanks also to the DiversAlert Network which has provided insurance for the students and chaperones pro bono for several years.

Founded in 1999, by Chris Maxey and the Lawrenceville School, The Island School is an independent semester abroad program that aims “to be a community that fosters the development of responsible, caring global citizens by restoring a sense of wonder and respect for biotic and cultural complexity. Click here to learn more about The Island School.