Malakai Freeman ’04 gives back to the community

Malakai Freeman ’04 spoke to Upper House students today about the impact that Link, particularly the teachers and staff, had on his life.  He shared several examples of how Link staff personally supported him while at Link and beyond, and how the sense of “family” or “community” and caring at Link kept him from straying in the wrong direction. One Link staff member presented Malakai with a laptop upon graduation from high school but made him promise he would do the same for someone at some point in his life.  Keeping his promise, Malakai donated a laptop for Link’s staff today to present to a worthy 8th grader who they felt would appreciate it and also promise to “pay it forward” in the future. Noting that next week is National Teacher Appreciation Week, Malachi encouraged students “to appreciate all of the things that your teachers do for you.”

This is not Malakai’s (known at Link as Edwin) first return to Link since his graduation. He has spoken with students in previous years and appeared in Link’s video A Matter of Justice, talking about his experience at the school.  After Link, Malakai graduated from Delbarton in Morristown and Providence College in Rhode Island. He is pursuing an M.B.A. (Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management) from Western Governor’s University. He is currently employed by a division of Nestle as an IS/IT Manager. He resides in Rhode Island

Link thanks Malakai for “giving back to the community” by staying connected to Link. inspiring our Linkers, and offering a gift to one of our students.

P.S. The laptop was presented to Cheryl C. ’18 during the Graduates Awards Ceremony and Breakfast on June 20th. What a surprised, pleased, and grateful….as well as deserving..young lady! We know she will “pay it forward” at some point in the future!