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Dear Link Current & Prospective Families,

Welcome to Link Community Charter School! Whether you are a parent, a student, an alumnus, or someone in search of a great school, you will find a very special school community here—one built on a firm foundation of core values and a deep commitment to educating our youth in and around Newark. The faculty and staff provide a rich and vibrant program that nurtures the development of our students’ minds, bodies and spirits as they grow to be tomorrow’s leaders who will shape our future.

Link has journeyed far since its founding by the Sisters of St. Dominic, in 1969 as Project Link—a non-denominational independent middle school for 7th and 8th graders. At the time, the Dominican Sisters boldly created a school that would change the lives of over 3,000 young people and enrich the city of Newark. In doing so, they planted a seed that has sprouted and grown strong over the course of the next 45 years. During this time, Link would not only provide a powerful school community to its students and families, but also support the development of numerous school leaders that would serve communities across the United States in a changing educational landscape.

In 2014, Link stepped boldly yet again and sought to convert to a public charter school. Granted approval on July 15th, Link Community Charter School is built on a strong legacy of social justice. Fifth graders joined the Link community in September 2015 thus launching our school growth and realizing our long term desire to serve more students more deeply with a four year middle school program. In September 2015 Link added the sixth grade, and began serving 288 students. The seed planted in 1969 has taken root and grown strong thus enabling Link to continue to build on our commitment to provide access to quality education for all youth.

When you visit, and I hope you will, you will find confident happy children who are eager to learn; energetic and dedicated teachers who plan thoroughly for engaging instruction and go beyond the expected to support student growth; an academic program that values strong math and literacy skills, as well as creative expression and the arts; support systems that enable all learners to be successful; and a community committed to modeling and teaching core values as an essential component of educating the whole child.

At Link, the work is hard but rewarding and it calls upon every member of our school community—students, parents, teachers, staff, trustees, community partners to give their very best. Together, the members of the Link community support growth—school growth and student growth!


Maria Paradiso, Head of School
Maria Pilar Paradiso
Head of School