Board of Trustees

Link Community Charter School is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees that has the same legal responsibilities and authorities as a Board of Education in a school district. Trustees serve three year terms, with the exception of a member that represents parents through the Link Parent Association who serves a one year term, and are elected by the incumbent board.  Trustees accept their roles as volunteers; there is no compensation.  In addition to once a month meetings, Trustees serve on at least one board committee and attend annual retreats. Currently serving on the Board are parents, parent of alumni, former and current educators (not from Link), and people employed in a variety of businesses. Trustees can be contacted via mail at LCCS, 23 Pennsylvania Avenue, Newark, NJ 07114,  through the school’s main office at 973.642.0529 or via

Board of Trustees, 2018-2019

Brenda Daughtry
Office Manager, Wireworks, Hillside, NJ; Link Parent ’18

Vice Chairperson
Denise Smith
Retired Educator, Cranford, NJ

Regina Covington, M.A.
Principal, Middlesex County Vocational Schools, Piscataway, NJ; Link Parent ’06 and ’17

Susana Holguin-Veras, M.S., Ph.D.
Director of Marketing, Howard L. Zimmerman, Architects, P.C., Newark, NJ

Bob Goger
Retired Educator, Montclair, NJ

Richard Marshall
Community Outreach, Operations, and Communications Manager, Newark school of the Arts, Newark, NJ

Frances Purefoy
Link Parent Association
Link Parent ’06, ’16, ’21, Orange, NJ

Annette Riffle
Director of Operations, Newark Legacy Charter School, Newark, NJ

Kwamara Thompson
Founder, TEC, Newark, NJ



Maria Pilar Paradiso, J.D.
Head of School

Bima Baje, M.S.A.
School Business Administrator

Isabel Machado, Esq.
Machado Law Group
Board Attorney

Sharon F. Machrone
Board Recording Secretary