Educational Philosophy, School Culture & Core Values



Link Community Charter School’s educational approach is student centered—informed by student needs and developed to support student growth with a deeply held belief that all children possess great talents and the capacity for strong performance and that it is the school’s role to present the opportunity to learn and support the achievement of their full potential. Using a combination of traditional instruction and more progressive instructional approaches, Link creates an environment where students can grow and thrive and ultimately direct their own learning. Traditional instruction is seen in the classroom-based, teacher-driven activities that include lecture, question and answer, drills and practice, and explicit teaching of skills. This direct instruction slowly gives way to more independent study, problem solving, and small group activities. Ultimately, students develop knowledge and skills through experience and reflection with an emphasis on field learning in the outdoors, in a garden, or in a lab. Overall the aim of instruction is to arm students with the knowledge and skills to encounter new diverse experiences and be equipped to apply what they know to what they have never seen before.

School Culture

Link Community Charter School’s positive school ethos delivers to all stakeholders a community grounded in its Core Values of caring, respect, honesty, responsibility, following directions and doing one’s best. By valuing the community and the individual and developing a physically and emotionally safe place, all members are nurtured and held accountable for the expectations of the school. Instruction is delivered with positive engagement so as to invite every student on a journey of discovery. Discipline is delivered in a respectful way to engender self-reflection and growth. Positive motivation and affirmative attitudes are emphasized to develop an awareness of greatness and potential in each and every student, as they set goals and ultimately demonstrate achievement. Gratitude and openness to individual gifts and contributions engender cooperation and acceptance. Appreciation of culture and the arts provide opportunities for creative expression and problem solving. An awareness of the limitless possibilities support risk-taking and growth for every student. The ethos embraces every child, no matter their learning style or level of academic achievement. These basic tenets underlie every aspect of Link Community Charter School. They promote academic achievement and personal growth. We believe our students will succeed, and we accept the responsibility to create the right environment to support that success.

Core Values

These Core Values permeate all that we do at Link as we help students live these values in every aspect of their lives. We believe that our school community is most successful when these Core Values are practiced by all members of the community.

Doing One’s Best
Following Directions