Intervention and Referral Services

Intervention and Referral Services, commonly known as I&RS, is a process by which we support teachers’ and students’ needs in the general education environment, in collaboration with families. The process is directed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals within the school community (known as the I&RS Team), who come together throughout the school year to gather relevant data, formulate coordinated services and team delivery systems to address a full range of student learning, behavior, social and health problems that students may encounter. The team provides professional support, guidance and most importantly strategies to school staff who identify students in need of support. Parents and guardians are given the opportunity to be actively involved in the development and implementation of interventions and action plans and encouraged to support the plan from home. (reminders, rewards/consequences, ongoing communication with school).

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Please direct any questions about I&RS to:

Ms. Suzanne Dandie, MSW
I&RS Coordinator/School Social Worker
973.642.0529 X18