Sugandh (Sue) Jain, M.A.

ELA Supervisor and Instructional Leader
Sugandh (Sue) Jain joined Link in fall of 2017 as the Literacy Coach, and currently serves as ELA Supervisor and Instructional Leader.  Prior to Link, she has a worked in education for 16 years as a principal, instructional coach, and teacher of grades 5 and 8.  Sue believes passionately that every child every day should be challenged to exceed their previous accomplishments.
Sue has an undergraduate degree in English and Theater, and two Masters of Arts degrees, the first in Elementary Education and the second in Education Administration – all from Rutgers University.  Her hobbies include pizza tours, running long distance to accommodate for the pizza, and watching Game of Thrones.  She lives in Jersey City with her husband and toddler daughter who is love of her life.